Responding to the Economic Impacts of COVID-19

Responding to the Economic Impacts of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health crisis first and foremost, but the economic toll of the pandemic is mounting, especially for the millions of Americans across the country who were already struggling to make ends meet. The divergence between the stock market and the actual situation the North Texas families are facing is untenable and highlights the worsening inequality in America today.

The classic lethargic D.C. response won’t cut it this time around; just like communities all around America, North Texas families and small businesses need immediate access to real support and relief. In Congress, Candace will work to build a 21st-century social and economic support infrastructure that will be integral to rising from this crisis and limiting damage in future crises.

In Congress, Candace will:

  • Support the federal government directly compensating employers for keeping employees on their payroll and on health insurance, thereby reducing the cost burden on state and local governments and supporting employees and employers alike.
  • Champion basic supports for families who were struggling before the pandemic and who are hurting even more now, including supporting a robust national paid family and medical leave.
  • Demand the federal government step in to fill state and local budget shortfalls created by a decrease in sales tax revenue precipitated by the pandemic. The long-term consequences of these budget shortfalls threaten funding for education, Medicaid, and other vital programs.
  • Increase the federal minimum wage to $15/hour. During this pandemic, “low-wage” workers have been some of the most likely to have been deemed essential; they risk their lives and keep our communities afloat during this, yet many of them don’t earn a living wage.
  • Fight for an extension of emergency pandemic unemployment measures that augment traditional unemployment supports and are currently keeping thousands of Texas families afloat.

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