Protecting Our Democracy and Ending Political Corruption

Protecting Our Democracy and Ending Political Corruption

In the midst of this massive public health and economic crisis, working families in Texas are struggling, and Washington is asleep at the wheel. Dysfunction and corruption in our nation’s capital have left families and small businesses across America in the lurch, all while Wall Street reaps billions in bailout funds. High ranking officials in DC have even used their access to privileged information to game the stock market and make millions off this crisis. But what’s most frustrating? This isn’t a new story. For decades, special interests and dark money have corrupted our system and halted progress on major legislation that strong majorities of Texans agree on and need, from passing common-sense gun violence prevention laws to making prescription drugs more affordable to ensuring increased and equitable funding for our public schools.

Texans deserve representatives who will fight against the dark money flooding into our nation’s capital. That’s why Candace is not taking corporate PAC contributions and is focused on reducing special interest influence in Washington. This will be an uphill battle, but the COVID-19 epidemic has put issues of corruption front and center. Texans are fed up, and it’s time for bold changes to the way business is done in Washington.

In Congress, Candace will:

  • Work to pass the For the People Act which will address voter access, election integrity, election security, political spending, and ethics for the three branches of government.
  • Push for comprehensive campaign finance reform, including banning dark money groups from influencing our elections.
  • Push for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United decision that legalized Super PACs.
  • Ensure that all Texans can exercise their constitutional right to vote by pushing to restore the Voting Rights Act and opposing voter suppression efforts.
  • Support efforts to end racial and partisan gerrymandering so politicians can no longer hand-pick their constituents
  • Hold regular town hall meetings in the 24th district so constituents can ensure Candace is held accountable to her promises.
  • Work to break-up behemoth monopolies that corrupt our government and harm our economy. Currently, monopolies capitalize on weak ethics rules to influence the regulation of the sector of the economy that they dominate. Consumers and small businesses are harmed when monopolists are able to corrupt public processes. Strengthening ethics and anti-corruption rules would limit monopolists’ hold over our democracy and help enable the antitrust and competition policy enforcement necessary to foster truly competitive, fair, and open markets.

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