Protecting and Improving Public Education

Protecting and Improving Public Education

As a former school board trustee, Candace knows first hand that our public education system is under attack. Corporate special interests have been undermining public education in favor of alternative models. As an educator, Candace knows that public education delivers the best results on a consistent basis.

We need to view education as an investment in our people. We have the opportunity to educate and train the workers of the 21st century and grow our economy from the middle out, rather than the top down. True opportunity means giving every child the opportunity to learn and grow regardless of their zip code, and allow any one who wants to attend college to do so without being saddled with student debt for years after graduation. But college is not right for everyone, so we also need to invest in job training for 21st century jobs in our K-12 schools. As a former school board trustee, Candace has expanded STEM academies and job training in our schools and our community is already reaping the economic benefits. Candace wants to make those opportunities a reality for all children living in TX-24.

In Congress, Candace will use her experience to:

  • Fight for universal pre-K, because every child deserves a chance to get ahead. Research has shown time and again that investing in early childhood education not only benefits students, but helps families who are struggling
  • Invest in our community colleges and vocational programs, because a job that pays the bills and then some should be available to everyone, not just people with a four-year degree
  • Stand up to Betsy DeVos’s devastating agenda that strips vital funding from our schools
  • Fight to restore title funding for special needs children
  • Push to expand the free lunch program
  • Invest in secure buildings and disaster relief plans for our public schools
  • Make sure that our kids are happy, whole, and competitive on the world stage by helping schools to fulfill jobs needed to improve our cybersecurity and infrastructure among other highly necessary jobs. If we see a federal benefit to a type of training, we should invest in it
  • Pay teachers higher salaries so that we can keep more of them in our schools for longer. That also means finding a way to remove their student loan debt

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