Expanding Job and Skill Training

Expanding Job and Skill Training

As a society we have lost sight of the fact that college is not right for everyone and that there are ample good paying jobs available to those who do not have a college degree but instead have technical skill training. Texas is suffering from a serious “skills gap,” meaning we do not have enough skilled workers to fit the job demands of our economy.

Investing in job training for 21st century jobs in our K-12 schools is where we need to start. As a former school board trustee, Candace worked to expand vocational and STEM academies in the district’s K-12 schools and the area economy reaped the benefits. However, more needs to be done at the Federal level to help fill the skills gap that exists.

In Congress, Candace will:

  • Expand access to skills and vocational training for those who do not go to college
  • Expand Federal funding to our K-12 schools to allow more schools to implement vocational and STEM training academies

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