Expanding Job and Skill Training

Expanding Job and Skill Training

Texas is suffering from a serious “skills gap,” meaning we do not have enough skilled workers to fit the job demands of our economy. It is time that we recognize that a four-year college degree isn’t right for everyone. Career and technical education leads to dignified, well-compensated, and stable jobs that drive our economy forward. COVID-19 is shaking many American institutions to their core, but the pandemic is also forcing us to think about and grapple with what comes after. What better time to invest in job training for 21st-century careers in our K-12 schools.

As a former school board trustee, Candace worked to expand vocational and STEM academies in the district’s K-12 schools. Candace knows first hand how this training empowers young workers and benefits the local economy. We need more federal investment in these programs to fill the current skills gap in Texas and across the country.

In Congress, Candace will:

  • Expand access to skills and vocational training for those who do not go to college
  • Expand Federal funding to our K-12 schools to allow more schools to implement vocational and STEM training academies

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