Addressing Income Inequality and the Shrinking Middle Class

Addressing Income Inequality and the Shrinking Middle Class

Growing up, Candace’s family struggled with poverty and homelessness. They got back on their feet with the help of affordable housing, food stamps, and public education, but today, those lifelines to opportunity are under attack.

As the cost of living in our country has increased over the last few decades, wages have remained stagnant, putting more and more families in the same position Candace was in as a child. We’ve invested insufficiently in education and job training and the federal minimum wage has not increased in well over a decade, while health care costs regularly send people into bankruptcy, and an entire generation has been crippled by student debt. Many Americans are working two or three jobs just to make enough money to survive.

Candace will fight for Texans who are struggling to get by.

In Congress, Candace will:

  • Raise the minimum wage to $15/hour
  • Provide relief to those with crippling student loan debt
  • Make healthcare more affordable by providing people with a public option to buy into Medicare
  • Work to expand affordable housing

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